DIY Crafts In My Heart!

So finally I will start my new blog…! I have been longing to do it, but so many things always happen that prevents from starting out…But now it is time!

I love Everything DIY

I really love making my own things with my own hand. To create stuff is so satisfying. It does not matter if it some kind of crafts like knitting or quilting, or something where I need some glue and a piece paper. I jut love to create beautiful things, or should I say try to create beautiful things!

I have been doing all kinds of things, all since I was a little girl. I always tried things and  I always thought I did a good job!

You always learn through trial and error, don’t you? I certainly did. I remember when trying to learn to crochet, I got a crochet pattern from my school teacher. I was supposed to make a crochet bag that looked like a net where I could keep my balls.

But I could not get it. I was left handed and my teacher told me she could not teach me how to crochet with my left hand so I needed to learn to crochet with my right hand. Today I think you would have called that child abuse….

I cried and cried, and I could not get the pattern right. I turn the work at the wrong point and the whole crochet bag became a mess. I never forget this experience, but I think I must have had a real desire to work with my hand even then, because I did not give up on crocheting.

I continued to crochet with my right hand and have made many crochet items since.

So in one respect I of course must be thankful to my teacher how taught me how to crochet…even if I had to crochet with the hand I not normally use!


DIY – Easy, free crochet patterns

Crocheting has become my passion even if I am still not exactly an expert on the subject. I still keep to simple crochet patterns and are staying away from the advanced one. I do not know why, but I think I am lazy… I think I can make so many lovely crocheted items with easy and simple crochet patterns, so I kind of got stucked there. That is kind of foolish…I have to take a grip of this and learning crochet properly and learning some more advanced crochet stitches and patterns!

The most common of all crochet patterns must be the granny square. So simple and yet so beautiful and so easy to make lots of crochet variations on. I remember making not only potholders or baby blankets and things like that, but also really nice looking clothes. Not all of my crochet project did end up so very pretty. But I remember one particular vest I made by only granny squares. I was so proud of having made this colorful crochet vest and I have to say that it was really nice for have been made by a twelve-year-old girl…

One other thing I did crochet using only some granny squares was a beautiful small belt to wear with a sweater I had, and also bags of course. Granny square are great to crochet also because it is a great way of taking care of the left over yarns that you have in your stash. one of the ideas of making retro grannies is to make it colorful and not be at all scared of using all kinds of color to make your crochet project. You can find so many nice crochet patterns where they use nothing but granny squares.

Here is a web page with tons of retro, vintage crochet patterns: Free Vintage Crochet Patterns, and here you also find lots of crochet patterns

1247534_32259309 free

Crochet Doily Patterns

My passion for crochet started with my mother teaching me how to make doilies…. Don’t you just love doilies? They are so cute and for all hat loves retro they are a must have! And many of them are super easy to crochet since you repeat yourself row by row. So I think that everyone can make lovely doilies for decorating the home!

There are many lovely doily patterns out there for you to use. You can make a small doily or a larger one, you can choose all kinds of colors and create so many variations of this classic crochet item.

Here are some nice simple crochet pattern tutorials:


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